Why Use a Paperless Realtor®

  • Mobility. Every transaction I have done is with me at all times.
  • It saves the environment.
  • I would rather be 2 hours early with an offer than 1 minute late. Being able to sit with the buyer in Starbucks and do the offer on the road and then send it to all the parties to the transaction can mean the difference between winning and loosing.
  • Need to make a change on your listing on MLS.  Let's say it is something that needs your signature.  That is done remotely today.
  • I am a 100% paperless Realtor.  I no longer have a filing cabinet.  My Laptop, iPhone, iPad and even my Apple® watch is with me all the time.
  • Need to place an offer and there are multiples on the house and you have to work that night.  Not a problem for a paperless Realtor®.
  • If you still want paper ? .... not a problem as we will will deliver the paper immediately to you but we do not keep paper for our records.
  • Afraid we might lose it?  NEVER happens.  We have extensive "over the top" backup.  If all my devices disappeared nobody could access them and I would simply be up and running again within 2 hours.  If you loose paper it's gone forever.


Save a Tree

Hire a Paperless Realtor®

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