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Custom Forms


Custom Forms

I have found PDF Expert to work best. It's method of synchromization has made it my favourite as it works seamlessly with most of the "Cloud" apps and the one I use is Dropbox.

Now I have all documents with me at all times. The wording "I will get that when I get back to the office" no longer exists as my iPad is now my filing cabinet too. I simply do not have a filing cabinet in my office anymore. I just do not need the paper any longer as all files are with me at all times.

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Documents to Office Taking Notes Pre-Buying Interview
Pre-Listing Interview Receipt  
REM REM Newspaper Article - iPad For REALTORS® course created by 70 year old veteran.
Keynote Keynote Presentation Demo
If you have Keynote on your iPad and/or your Mac Computer this will show you how to add CREA stats to your Keynote presentation


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Ed RobinsonSeminar leader:

Ed Robinson has been a Member of Toronto Real Estate Board since 1980. He has owned a franchise office for ten years and was the Sales Manager for a large six-branch organization. Ed was the Group Leader in writing the Basics of Real Estate in the mid 1980s for new members. He is a certified trainer for Top Producer and has used a computer for Client Retention since 1984. Ed has served on both the Education Committee and Education Task Force at TREB.

Edward G. Robinson